Pool Refurbish

As your pool ages, it is possible that it will need a little TLC. Modish Pools not only installs beautiful gunite and vinyl liner pools, but we’re also experts at refurbishing and restoring your pool to its former glory.

Gunite Pool Restoration

After years of fun, it’s possible that your gunite pool could be showing some signs of wear. Modish Pools has the skill and know-how to fully repair walls, replace steps, and refill cracks. If the tiles are falling off, or the surface wear is making it a little rough, our experts can walk you through the best repair options.

Vinyl-Lined Pool Restoration

Vinyl lined pools are coated with a custom sheet of vinyl that fits perfectly inside the walls and floor of your custom pool. While newer pool liners are incredibly durable and resistant to fading caused by chemicals and sunlight, there are still times when your liner may need to be repaired or replaced. The experts at Modish Pools can help you decide the best course of action based on your specific circumstances.

If a liner is ripped or torn to a small degree, a small patch may be just the answer. More severe tears, creases, or an aged liner that is becoming brittle may require complete replacement.

Pool Alterations

The great news about vinyl lined pools and gunite pools is that after they’re installed, you can continue to make updates and adjustments. The Modish Pools team can assist you with those as well. Whether you want to add accessories like sunning ledges, stairs or water features or you’re looking to adjust the depth; we can walk you through your options and will be with you every step of the way.