Modish Pools specializes in more than just backyard pools. In-ground pools like vinyl liner and gunite are perfect for city parks or indoor school swimming facilities. There are special considerations that need to be taken into account, and our experts understand all the right questions to ask to make sure that you get the pool you want, and the pool you need.

City Park Pools

Gunite pools, in particular, are a perfect solution to a lot of water features that large municipal aquatic centers need. They offer the opportunity for safety features like a zero-depth entry that allow play areas for children with less risk of drowning than a traditional shallow end.  Water features can be added to increase the draw to those who want to beat the heat but aren’t big on swimming.

Educational Facility Pools

Most schools today include water sports and activities as part of their health and fitness curriculum. Educators want their students to have a great pool experience; to get them excited about a type of exercise and activity that is great for both their mental and physical health.

The experts at Modish Pools ask the questions you may not even have considered in order to ensure that the pool you install has the right size, shape, and filters in place to accommodate large groups of students using the pool for multiple classes each day.

Modish Pools would love to meet with you for a risk-free consultation to decide which in-ground pool options are best for your school. Call us today to learn more about gunite and vinyl liner pool options.