At Modish Pools, we understand that once you’ve made the decision to install a swimming pool or spa, there are many choices when it comes to selecting a contractor. While we respect and appreciate everyone in our field, not all contractors are the same.

Some installers are actually volume-based organizations geared towards building as many pools as possible during a season. Their goals are to keep it simple, steer customers towards standard selections, and complete the work with as little interaction or interruption as possible.

Other contractors might be in the business of promoting change orders and enticing potential customers with low base pricing. Then they increase that number by adding price on each item most consumers would think necessary to build a complete pool in the first place.

At Modish Pools, our philosophy is simple. We expect and desire to complete a moderate number of quality projects, less than 20 per season, with customers who want a total buying experience. We want you to be as much a part of the process as you choose to be. Tell us what you want. If you so desire, let us prepare designs and renderings for you to see before any mention of price is made. When decisions have been made and a concept is understood, we’ll provide no-nonsense pricing that you can count on to complete your project. Our highly consultative, highly involved process ensures that you are comfortable during the entire project, get answers to questions, have one reliable point of contact, and see familiar faces on site. We will even help design, coordinate, and complete all facets of an entire outdoor space if that is your wish.

Our approach isn’t for everyone, but it’s the way we prefer to do business. At Modish Pools, our goal is to create an experience that our clients will love and that we can be proud of.