There are a myriad of benefits to owning your own pool. If you’re trying to decide if an at-home, in-ground pool is the right move for you, consider these options!


Swimming is great exercise! Even if you aren’t practicing the butterfly in preparation for the next Olympic games, there are many ways that being in the water can benefit your health.

Being in the water provides resistance to your muscles, helping you increase strength and stamina with low impact – great for when you are older, or if you have problem joints.

Maybe you’ve heard about green space, or natural places, being beneficial to a person’s mental well-being. But did you know that blue space can be even more beneficial? Dipping your toes in a lake or the ocean can reduce stress, boost creativity, and diminish depression. We know that living near Indianapolis might make it hard to find a beach, but a backyard pool might be just the ticket for the times in between.


If you want to be the IT house, what better way that a pool for your friends and family to enjoy? For the host with the most, a pool can be a great crowd-pleaser and a way to entertain young and old alike.