What Is a Gunite Pool

For decades, gunite has been the material of choice for both residential and commercial properties. Both homeowners and businesses have embraced the longevity and versatility that comes with the incredibly strong concrete and steel structures. Gunite pools offer extreme design flexibility to create pools of nearly any shape or size. The durable structure of a gunite pool means that they can retain that shape over long periods of time.

Gunite Pool Accessories & Additions

Pools are for more than just swimming laps. There are so many accessories and additions that can be added to make your pool entirely custom. Homeowners and business owners want a pool that reflects who they are and fits perfectly into your lifestyle or business. Customizing your pool is a great way to have the perfect outdoor or indoor experience Gunite also offers the opportunity to personalize your pool with features like:

  • Vanishing edges
  • Zero-depth entry
  • Beach entries
  • Permanent seating
  • Spillover spas
  • Endless/infinity pools
  • Swim-up bars
  • Tanning ledges
  • Waterfalls

Gunite Pool Finishes

You already know that gunite provides the opportunity to for endless sizes and shapes, but gunite pools can also be finished with a variety of surfaces. We partner with Wet Edge for premium finishes from plaster to pebbles to glass, each unique finish adds more character and personality to your pool.

Your choice of finish can determine the personality of your pool landscape. Select pebbles for a relaxing riverbed feel, or glass beads for a little sparkle and shine.

There are a lot of pros and cons for every type of pool; that’s why it’s important to consult the professionals at Modish Pools to decide which type of pool is best for you. Learn more about liner pools here, or contact us!